A transplant operation of cartilage from the nose could bring help to people who suffer knee problems

Patient in BIO-CHIP phase II trial

Euronews visits University Hospital Basel and video transplant operation of cartilage from the nose to the knee

Following publication of the phase I trial Nasal chondrocyte-based engineered autologous cartilage tissue for repair of articular cartilage defects: an observational first-in-human trial in The Lancet in October 2016, journalists from Euronews visited USB in January 2017 and followed an operation on a patient taking part in the phase II BIO-CHIP trial.

The accompanying text that “Swiss doctors have reported that cartilage cells harvested from patients’ own noses have been used to successfully produce cartilage transplants for the treatment of the knees of 10 adults with damaged cartilage. Two years after reconstruction, most recipients reported improvements in pain, knee function, and quality of life” refers to the Phase I trial conducted by USB.

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